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Holiday flights: Drone flying at night

Summer is the season of adventure and exploration, and what could be more adventurous than exploring the world from the air with a drone? As a recreational drone owner, it is understandable that you also want to fly at night to capture the magic of summer evenings. But is drone flying at night allowed?

The Netherlands has strict rules for flying drones, and this includes night flights. European laws and regulations for drones allow night flights, but the Netherlands is an exception. Flying a drone in the dark is not allowed without a special exemption. The Netherlands uses the period from 15 minutes after sunset to 15 minutes before sunrise for this purpose.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment states that there are specific risks when flying drones at night:

  1. Visibility: It is more difficult for the drone pilot to maintain a direct view of the aircraft in the dark, which can compromise safety.
  2. Orientation: The pilot must be able to see the environment in which the drone is flying, which is more difficult at night.
  3. Disturbance of light sources: Night flights may disturb other light sources.


Although night flights are not allowed by default in the Netherlands, it is possible to apply for an exemption for specific category operations. This process includes submitting an operating permit and supplementing the operations manual with criteria for night flights. It is advisable to arrange a long-term exemption to avoid repeated permission.

While it is not possible to fly at night in the Netherlands without an exemption, there are other European countries where night flights are allowed. There, with the right certificates, you can enjoy night air travel within the limits of the open category.

So enjoy your drone adventures this summer, but don't forget to follow the rules and regulations to fly safely and responsibly, both during the day and at night!

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