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Meet Egbert Swierts - founder of OmniDrones

Welcome to the fascinating world of unmanned aviation, a world in which I have been active since 2013. This highly innovative sector offers an awful lot of opportunities. This is being seen and embraced by an increasing number of people.

My name is Egbert Swierts and unmanned aviation is my fascination!

Meanwhile, I am involved in setting up several organisations with different objectives, but all active in the field of unmanned aviation or popularly known as drones! Below you can read how and what exactly:

OmniDrones | The most prestigious unmanned aviation organisation since 2013
The foundation for me is OmniDrones BV. OmniDrones BV has two labels OmniDrones Academy, where we train professional drone pilots & OmniDrones Aerial Services, where we carry out flying assignments for our clients.

OmniDrones Projects From idea to realisation
Where it is not yet possible or allowed, or from a fledgling idea to the actual market launch, we can assist our clients with their issues. In addition, we are self-starters and participate in cool and promising startups.

OmniDrones Security | Crowd management from the air
With our latest label OmniDrones Security, we focus on increasing security at events and business parks by deploying drones. From the air, drones can add a lot to the already existing palette of cameras at festivals. Drones are more flexible and mobile, allowing us to make a festival or business parks even smarter and safer.

Drone Delivery Services | Fast Safe Smart
From the day I started working with drones, my vision has always been to eventually be able to transport people through the air. I started my entrepreneurship by setting up a taxi company. When I started getting acquainted with drones, I suddenly realised that air taxis are the future. As a co-founder of Drone Delivery Services BV, I will work with my partners towards passenger transport by air via parcel delivery.

DroneHub North Netherlands | Supports entrepreneurs, education and governments in realising drone ambitions
DroneHub North Netherlands believes that unmanned aviation will be of great value in the region. This sector will make a major contribution in the field of smart and environmentally friendly mobility. The Hub represents the North at national and international level, supporting entrepreneurs, education and governments from the region to realise their ambitions. DroneHub North Netherlands actively drives innovations by lowering barriers. 

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Omnidrones consists of:


OmniDrones is the (online) training centre for drone pilots in the North Netherlands. Our efficient drone training courses teach you all about the concept of airmanship, in addition to offering different sets of skills and disciplines to become a certified drone pilot.


From developing initial ideas to organising test days and presenting project results. OmniDrones is a partner at every stage of the project and can take care of everything from design to implementation.


Drone projects go hand in hand with regulations. Together with our large network consisting of various (semi)-governments, among others, we ensure, with the help of the right exemptions and permits, that every project is carried out with respect for regulations, the environment and safety.

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