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OmniDrones is a proud project partner of many challenges in different sectors.

Thanks to a large network within the market, suppliers and government as well as broad knowledge and practical experience, every project is carried out with precision and safety.

We like to spar with new parties on drone innovation. Interested in joining a project or have an innovative idea?

"It's so cool to see how on a test day or demonstration new business cases emerge among participating parties. It shows that there is real demand for innovative drone applications."



From developing initial ideas to organising test days and presenting project results. OmniDrones is a partner at every stage of the project and can take care of everything from design to implementation.


Many projects related to drones have an innovative character and contribute to sustainability, international collaborations and solving social issues. We find out if and how your project can get financial support.


Drone projects go hand in hand with regulations. Together with our large network consisting of various (semi)-governments, among others, we ensure, with the help of the right exemptions and permits, that every project is carried out with respect for regulations, the environment and safety.


Project: 5G Drones for medical devices

Transport of medical devices is now mostly by road, water or air by helicopter. These traditional forms of transport are costly and environmentally damaging. Drones controlled via 5G can help solve this problem. Meanwhile, there are drones that could transport larger packages containing, for example, medicines, blood bags, or AEDs.

They are quick on the spot and can be targeted, flexible, cost-efficient and sustainable. Eventually, an ecosystem of drones will emerge, delivering goods reliably and safely via multiple flights and routes. To fly autonomously over longer distances, a reliable 5G connection is essential. 

The drone project has been contributed by OmniDrones Projects and to pilot 5Groningen, and TNO is working with parties such as VodafoneZiggo, Dell EMC, VMware and Hanzehogeschool Groningen on this use case. 

Read here all about the 5G in healthcare project.

Project: Interacting with autonomous Renault Twizy

During a test day for a project on autonomous transport in collaboration with Province of Groningen, hive.mobility and RobotTuner, we interacted with the autonomous Renault Twizy via air.

Here, we used a follow function that allowed the drone to follow the car independently. This is how we contribute to the integration of autonomous mobility.

Project: First drone flight without a transponder

Together with partner, we made it possible to make the first drone flight without a transponder during the demonstration of project PODIUM at Groningen Airport Eelde.

This allows the drone to fly with less weight. But we are also able to test options where we are visible to further air traffic in a different way.

Project: Pilot property inspection with infrared camera

In collaboration with Wits Property Maintenance, we conducted an inspection pilot with infrared cameras to analyse the condition of facades, chimneys and roof tiles.

This reduces the need to work with ladders and aerial platforms and saves a lot of valuable time.

Project: Pilot property inspection with infrared camera

During these flights on Groningen Seaports' premises, we will demonstrate how drones can be used within Seaports' port service and asset management.

Here, the focus has been on quayside occupancy and rapid visualisation of any emergencies, such as in case of fire.

Henk Zwetsloot

"Due to the many activities at our port site, we regularly have
damage reports. By deploying drones in this process, quick
responded and no more boats need to be deployed
become. This could save us thousands of euros a year."

Manager Digital Innovation - Groningen Seaports

Project: Runway inspection at Groningen Airport Eelde

On behalf of DroneHub GAE, we sent an advanced multirotor drone with a high-resolution camera into the air in collaboration with This was an automatic mission in order to conduct a runway inspection pilot.

This method of inspection can record unevenness of up to one millimetre and spares special driving vehicles.

Andries Poelstra

"We are keen to explore the opportunities that drones offer for
us as an airport and likes to pioneer for airports worldwide.
This test is a great step towards the future of unmanned aviation."

Airport Manager - Groningen Airport Eelde

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About omnidrones projects

From the activities that emerged from OmniDrones Academy and Aerial Services, the question was increasingly asked whether OmniDrones could also provide consultancy services. From this perspective, OmniDrones Projects was born.

Here, we guide innovative projects and contribute to their further development and implementation into business applications. This often touches on regulations in which we can play an important role.

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